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This is difference Savings in Insurance with Bank Savings

This is difference Savings in Insurance with Bank Savings
When I was prospecting someone to offer insurance programs, there are some opinions and feedback from the prospect.

One is: What is the difference in saving in bank with savings in insurance?

Much difference if we save money in the bank on insurance, among others:
  • Banks do not provide protection for the life of the owner or customer accounts.
That is, with a customer in a bank, if one day the customer dies, the beneficiary or his family will only get a refund of the balance amount in the bank.

It's different if the client has opened an account at the insurance, if the customer dies, the heirs or family to get a sum assured plus the return on savings balances available.

  • If customers want to save money in the bank and want to hospital facility, the facility should normally be bought from an insurance company (bancassurance), so the cost to be incurred for the benefit of there being become larger.
How come? Yes, because the administration fee in addition to the customer in the bank, there are administrative costs in the insurance and the cost of hospital facilities.
If saving money on insurance, the benefits of the existing hospital be in addition to the monthly administration fee charged insurance companies, so customers just pay two times only

These costs should still be charged to the customer, which will be used for the company's operating costs, salaries, cost of electricity, cost of transportation, etc. ..... So do not expect anyone free of charge.
  • level of interest rates that given.
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