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Life Insurance for Cancer Survivors

Many time cancer survivors are simply out of luck the moment they want to purchase life insurance policy. It can be crushing as life insurance policy is an important factor of any solid financial strategy, particularly for a person who is young and productive.

The dilemma confronted by life insurance companies is that actuarial figuring for evaluating cancer survivors' risks is simply erroneous. There is a lot of fluctuation in each person and medical fact that cancer survivors can live long is not well understood.

Luckily now, recent medical discoveries and better knowledge on the way to lessen person's risks of having a cancer recurrence make it a lot more probable that cancer survivors can live long on into old age. Consequently, most life insurance companies currently provide insurance coverage to cancer survivors who live well on for a few years, typically 5 years, after the cancer was cured.

A few life insurance firms are increasingly even more generous. For example, by providing insurance policy at normal rates for females at forty or above who suffered breast cancer. The company criteria is that the cancer must a small and localized, still in stage one condition and physicians who certify the consumer has solid forecast for survival rate. They must also finish treatments and follow-up visits with no evidences of the cancer found.
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