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-  There are a few companies that do insure in Florida, however, only if the house is 20 yrs old or less. That leaves a lot of other homeowners stuck with Citizens or a couple of other very expensive carriers.

It used to be that if you got Citizens initially (because it's the only one that would insure you in your location or whatever), they could transfer you to another company later on and you had no say in the matter. That has changed. If you have Citizens now and they end up wanting to transfer your coverage you can refuse and they have to keep you if that's what you want.

I went through that and for three years my rates kept climbing all the way up to $6489 (around there). When renewal time came up for an even higher amount, I switched to Citizens for $2400. Let's see what I get come renewal time again in November.

Oh by the way...I was banking on no hurricanes and no need for claims this year. I believe Citizens still has open claims from Katrina and Wilma so they wouldn't be the best choice when it comes time to get them to respond/pay a claim.

-  you need to indicate square footage, age of your home, deductable, coverage amount,contents coverage at replacment cost or depreciated cost,
for anyone to be able to understand whether you received a good quote or not.

Most mortgage companies require insurance & insurance companies now insist you insure home for the cost to rebuild it. (if your home is paid in full & you have no mortgage , then maybe your insurance can be for lower amounts)

I assume since you only mentioned homeowners insurance , you have a seperate wind policy ? (I would be amazed if the policy quote is for both, unless it was built within the last 4-5 years, and is very small home)

shop and compare used to have a list of insurance companies that are writing in FL but I just went there and when I clicked on the link to "compare" , there is no longer a list of companies there.

-  I keep hearing Citizens is not the way to go since they have alot of claims and not enough money to pay. Does anyone have any experience with other carriers that they like? I'm in north florida and State Farm just advised I was not being renewed. I got quotes from a several other carriers and they were lower than Citizens. I don't think we can determine if a company will stay in business for the long haul, so it's a guessing game each year
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